1. 1986

    Gasmig is created, starting the distribution of biogas, extracted from the plant that existed in the landfill of Belo Horizonte. This project contributed to the training of gas technicians and to the training of labor, until then non-existent in Minas Gerais.

  2. 1992

    The Company starts serving consumers in the industrial segment by distributing the gas provided by Refinaria Gabriel Passos (REGAP), in Betim. Ten companies from the industrial centers of Betim, Contagem and Belo Horizonte were awarded.

  3. 1993

    The Company began to operate independently, through the conclusion, with the Government of Minas Gerais, of the Concession Contract for the distribution of natural gas.


  4. 1995

    The Company concluded the construction of the first natural gas distribution network to serve the city of Juiz de Fora, in the Zona da Mata, through the connection with Gasbel, Petrobras' gas pipeline, coming from the Bacia de Campos to Belo Horizonte.

  5. 1998

    Gasmig starts operating in the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) sector, servicing gas stations for cars.

  6. 2001

    The Company starts supplying natural gas for the production of electricity to the Juiz de Fora Thermoelectric Power Plant and to Ibirité.

  7. 2009

    Start of service in the region of the South of Minas Gerais.

  8. 2010

    The distribution of natural gas begins in the industrial park of the Vale do Aço region, serving large industries such as Vale, Usiminas, Arcelor, Vallourec, among others.

  9. 2013

    GASMIG began serving the retail segment, connecting the Company's network to restaurants, hospitals, hotels, gyms, among other establishments, in addition to homes.

  10. 2016

    The Company celebrates a milestone in the history of piped natural gas in Minas Gerais, reaching the number of 10,000 residential customers, which represents growth of 506% in three years.

  11. 2018

    Gasmig earns gross revenue of BRL 2.0 billion, a number considered historic by the Company. 


  12. 2019

    Fitch Ratings raised the Company's rating from 'A+(BRA)' to 'AA(BRA)'.

  13. 2020

    Gasmig obtains category B registration from the Brazilian Securities Commission - CVM, an important step towards ensuring transparency in its operations and expanding access to resources to finance expansion projects.

  14. 2021

    Fitch Ratings states the 'AA(bra)' National Long-Term Rating of Gasmig and its unsecured debenture issues, revising the Corporate Outlook from Stable to Positive.


  15. 2022

    Fitch Ratings raised the Company's rating from 'AA(BRA)' to 'AA+(BRA)'.

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