Gasmig completed 36 years old. After two challenging years such as 2020 and 2021, our purpose of inspiring confidence and leading initiatives to implement a policy to change the energy matrix in Minas Gerais has gained even more relevance.

Gasmig has achieved excellent performance in recent years regarding profitability and operational and expansion indicators, such as connecting new customers and expanding the gas pipeline network. 

Natural gas is becoming increasingly important in the energy transition process. With the introduction of a Sustainable Agenda, we will assume the vital role of delivering reliable energy at a competitive price, helping to mitigate global greenhouse gas emissions, developing innovative technologies, reducing their impacts on the environment, and directing the allocation of investors' capital in the transition to a sustainable world.

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Considering its business, Gasmig has an immediate impact on the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere, as the main component of natural gas is methane, a gas responsible for the greenhouse effect. For this reason natural gas is considered energy transition. Actions that reduce the emission of greenhouse gases must be promoted to minimize environmental impacts, such as the diversification of the distribution chain through the adoption of renewable fuels such as Biomethane and Green Hydrogen, enabling a gradual energy transition.

A implementação de um Plano de Sustentabilidade é uma jornada contínua de desenvolvimento ambiental, social e institucional, por essência colaborativa e plural, e ela deve ser percorrida em conjunto com nossos colaboradores, clientes, investidores, parceiros e com o mercado. A Gasmig reforça o seu compromisso com a Consciência Ambiental, Responsabilidade Social e Governança Corporativa, por meio de compromissos e ações alinhados aos Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentáveis definidos pela ONU, que minimizem os impactos negativos e maximizem os impactos positivos nas pessoas e no planeta.


We recognize the Company's commitment to the environmental impacts that its activity generates, whether by reducing the environmental impact of network expansion activities, encouraging the use and conversion of vehicles powered by CNG or Biomethane, inventory of greenhouse gas emissions Gasmig greenhouse, or actions to promote the adoption of sustainable habits by employees.


In addition to being a gas distributor, we are a company that invests in the development of society through the gradual and continuous increase in the diversity of the workforce, prioritization of Health, Safety and Well-being programs for employees and their families, encouragement of corporate volunteering, educational actions aimed at disseminating an inclusive culture or acting against structural-institutional prejudice.

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Corporate Governance

Based on professionalism, teamwork, integrity and ethics, Gasmig reflects sustainability in its management through regulations, alignment with the Company's Business Plan, disclosure and transparency of actions, responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making at all levels and even influencing partners to eliminate the risk of violating Gasmig's Ethics and Compliance values.

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